Why leave hardwood flooring sanding to the pros.

Why Sanding Hardwood Floors Is Best Left To The Professionals?

There was a time when hardwood floors went out of fashion. Odd to think, given how beautiful and luxurious they can look. In many older homes, hardwood floors were simply covered up by fitted carpets. Now, however, they are being appreciated once more, and homeowners are taking up the carpets, and revealing once more the wonderful, original hardwood floors beneath.

Sanding hardwood floors can be tricky business. it is best left up to the pros.

Even people buying new-build homes are realizing the potential of hardwood floors, and having them laid to add beauty and value to the home. For those that are looking at bringing older hardwood floors back to their best, it’s highly recommended to use professional hardwood floor refinishing services for the most impressive results. Can you carry out a wood floor sand and finish the job as a DIY project? If you are competent and have the right tools, you probably could, but there are reasons why the professional wood floor refinishing options are the best choice.

Repairing Damaged Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are very durable and will withstand the test of time, yet as with all flooring – which is among the hardest-worked parts of a home – they will be susceptible to wear and tear, and may become scratched or cracked over time. Many times people have lifted carpets to reveal hardwood floors that have seen better days.

However, it’s worth investigating the hardwood floor refinishing cost of your particular floor or floors, as you may be surprised at how affordable it can be to repair hardwood floor scratches. A professional refinishing service provider will sand and refinish the floor using the right materials, and the right hardwood floor refinishing products and techniques, and like many people who have chosen this option, you will be amazed at how beautiful and fresh your wonderful hardwood floors look when they have been professionally repaired.

Added Value and Timeless Beauty

There is no doubt that well cared-for and revitalized hardwood floors add value to any home. This is why older floors are being renovated and refinished, and also why there is currently increased interest in fitting new hardwood floors in properties that are too young to have original ones. They will help sell your home, too, as they are a desirable feature – especially in period properties, and they require very little maintenance over a long lifetime.

It is even possible for an expert to repair hardwood floors after water damage – a not uncommon problem in some areas – and it is strongly recommended you let the professionals do this particular job. Sanding and refinishing a hardwood floor results in a lot of dust and debris, and the professionals will have the right dust-extraction equipment to ensure your job is done as quickly and with as little mess and disruption as is possible.

Whether you are interested in renovating the hardwood floors in your home, or you are looking into the possibility of having one or more floors laid in a newer house, why not have a chat with an expert and you’ll get an idea of what it will cost.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Sanding By Wilkerson Floors

Our flooring specialists have years of experience with hardwood floor sanding, as well as refinishing hardwood floors. Using our state of the art equipment we can sand down floors to the bare wood, without dust. Yes, our new dust free sanding systems really help with clean up and make hardwood flooring sanding projects easier than ever. If you would like to lean more about our process or if you are interested in booking a free consultation please contact us using the form below.

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